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Blockchain &
Media Technology

We build data warehouses for fintech and media companies.


Blockwatch is a powerful blockchain analytics platform that helps financial investors gain deep insights into economy, activity and adoption in the blockchain industry. We harvest, clean and aggregate large amounts of on-chain and market data to provide meaningful statistics and signals for trading, risk assessment and protofolio management.


TzStats is the first analytics-driven block explorer for the Tezos blockchain. It extends the functionality of traditional block explorers with comprehensive data analytics and a more meaningful user interface design. Built on Blockwatch technology, TzStats helps developers and investors gain insights into growth, activity, performance and health of the Tezos network.


Trimmer is a media logistics and asset management platform for post-production houses. It helps produce, move and deliver professional media content across locations and formats. Trimmer automates workflows, organizes content and manages communication at a single place. Using Trimmer, productions save time and can focus on creating quality content.


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