KIDTSUNAMI works on the future of video

We use the latest web and video technologies and modern tools to deliver the best and most secure workflows and user experiences across the industry.

Scalable Web Backends
We are experienced in implementing end-to-end video workflow solutions in Golang and C++. We know how to securely operate large data stores and high-performance cloud backends for video transcoding.
Modern Web Frontends
We are experienced in RESTful interfaces design and HTML5 application development for desktop and mobile platforms.
Professional Video Codecs
We support the leading industry standards for video encoding such as H264/AVC, HEVC, Apple ProRes, DNxHD, JPEG2000. We employ lossless or lossy H.264/AVC compression whenever network bandwidth is an issue.
Efficent Video Delivery

Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP is the new standard in video delivery over the Internet. We have expertise in encoding and streaming DASH/HLS video to every browser and mobile device.

Software Development

Our team has many years of experience in professional Golang and C++ development as well as library design. We design clean and efficent interfaces, follow test-driven development and perform continuous integration testing.


For real-time transport we use RTP and RTSP protocols which makes our streaming software interoperable with most networked players.


As de-facto standard library for computer vision we use OpenCV for prototyping advanced image processing pipelines and for dedicated high-performance solutions.

Industry Vision

When tight control over image acquistion or high performance is required we make use of cutting edge industry vision cameras (e.g. from Basler Imaging) with which we have many years of experience.

Quality Assessment

Understanding quality parameters and user satisfaction is a key to successful and cost-friendly services. We use established methods from the broadcasting industry to assess and discover the important factors influencing human quality perception.

Linux, MacOSX, Android

We are at home on UNIX-like platforms and know how to work with different development, test and profiling tools.


Agile software development processes like SCRUM allow us to deliver working products on time. Our clients benefit from improved insights into our development cycle and the extra level of control they have over decisions.


As emerging standard for parallel processing on multi-core CPU and GPU platforms OpenCL is our language of choice. OpenCL allows us to build scalable and reusable algorithms for different platforms.

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