Alexander Eichhorn

Alexander Eichhorn Founder and CEO

alex [at] kidtsunami [dot] com

Alexander is the technical lead at KIDTSUNAMI with experience in designing and implementing professional software at Internet scale. He is used to manage projects and development teams and organize community events. He is active in the multimedia research community, works in arts&science collaborations and writes the Remote Presence Magazine, an innovation scouting website for electronic arts, science and technology.

In the past Alexander worked as researcher at McGill University in Montreal, Canada and at Simula Research Laboratory and as director of the Art.on.Wires Festival in Oslo, Norway. Alexanders research publications can be found here.

Katrin Beckmann Creative Director

katrin [at] kidtsunami [dot] com

Katrin is the creative lead at KIDTSUNAMI with an outstanding awareness for people and situations. Her craft is creative direction with a special focus on filmmaking. She burns for sustainability and global awareness, delivering important messages through the content she creates.

In the past Katrin has been producing documentaries, as well as short fiction films, information films, interviews and experimental works. She is used to direct creative teams and film crews. Her work is displayed at and

Katrin Beckmann

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